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Zomato how to register your restaurant with Zomato Zomato Earning Zomato Delivery

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Hi Folks, In this Video I Explain how to make your resturant more profitable by partnering with Zomato. Zomato is foodtech start up that started in 2021 , it connects people and resturants and eateries. It works as a channel in between customers and resturants or food joints . A customer can order food orbook a table from their fevorite resturants in their vicinity or upto a maximum distance of 10 kms using Zomato App. This order then comes through the Zomato Delivery Boy and the Resturant. The resturants then prepaires the food and the delivery boy picks it up and delivers . This helps the Resturants gate a lots of potential customer from their own locaility. With the help of Zomato they also dont need to have their own delivery system as Zomato takes care of it. With real times order placement , feedback and order tracking Zomato is a pioneer in the foodtech industry.
Watch the Video till the End to undertand the whole process in a better way.

1. How to register your restaurant with Zomato?
2. How to make your resturant more profitable?
3. How to start a Resturant ?
4. How zomato works?
5. What documents are required to Resgiter with Zomato?
6. What comissions does Zomato charge the restaurants?

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