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When a cyber criminal tried to hack my system in a Cafe | Honeypot Demo

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A honeypot is a computer or computer system intended to mimic likely targets of cyberattacks. It can be used to detect attacks or deflect them from a legitimate target. It can also be used to gain information about how cybercriminals operate.


Pentbox is a safety kit containing various tools for streamlining PenTest conducting a job easily. It is programmed in Ruby and oriented to GNU / Linux, with support for Windows, MacOS and every system where Ruby is installed.

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QR code menu is the perfect tool for restaurants, cafes, shops and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu, digital menu and help them order with a few simple clicks from restaurant menu, cafe menu. Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool, Who Scan QR code from your phone? How to Check the menu directly on your smartphone ?How to Look through the menu directly on smartphones , what is QR code? What are QR codes ? How to Make a QR Code? How to read QR codes ? How do I scan a QR Code? How to use QR codes in restaurant marketing? Secret Steps to Successful Restaurant Promotion Plan? What are the Benefits from QR Code? how to increase your social media followers using a QR Code. How do I generate a QR code? How do I create a QR code ? where are QR code used ? How do I scan QR Code? How does the cell phone read the code? How can you use QR codes to benefit search marketing? How will Google see them? Will your customers use them?
How could you use a QR code? How can restaurants personalize customer targeting with QR Codes
Your business, no matter how small or large, could use QR codes in a number of ways. You might auto generate one next to every product on your web site containing all the product details, the number to call and the URL link to the page so they can show their friends on their cell phone. You could add one to your business card containing your contact details so its easy for someone to add you to their contacts on their cell phone.

Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads etc

Product details
Contact details
Offer details
Event details
Competition details
A coupon
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
A link to your YouTube video

What are the Benefits from QR Code?
Here are some of the reasons why you should use QR Codes in your
One of the ways businesses such as restaurants are adopting is using QR Code technology. QR Codes are 2D barcodes that just need to be scanned via a smartphone to view your Restaurant Menus and other helpful content.
Update linked information anytime your wand such as update information on a webpage
Restaurant guests order their meal and self-pay their bills.
The Guests can scan the QR Code and access the browser based online game. They can also win freebies or discounts if they manage to score well in the game.

You can also how to increase your social media followers using a QR Code.

You can link useful information about your restaurant or the food you offer. And display unlimited content, link engaging information like quizzes, online videos, documents, image galleries, and audio files in a QR Code.

Restaurants, at this time of crisis, are now using QR Codes on their menu to help customers choose and order a meal. This helps avoid physical contact with a common foreign object touched by everyone in the area such as a printed menu, which increases the chances of spreading infectious disease.

Create QR Codes which, when scanned, bring up the menu for customers to help them order their meal. And as they finish their meal, scanning the QR Code brings up their bill to help them pay it digitally.

My Cafe Generator <- HERE