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This is the product featured on a viral video from “Insider Beauty”. I thought it looked hilarious and had to track one down to test out! It works by heating collagen peptide with your choice of nutrient liquid, which can be juice, milk, soda, tea or many other things. Collagen works like gelatine and will cause the mixture to solidify into a jelly-like mask very quickly. This was really fascinating to watch and even more fun to try on.

These masks contain 100% natural ingredients and are technically even edible. (However they’re NOT vegan due to collagen). It’s a fun gadget to have at home since you can create a mask anytime using things from your kitchen. It’s extremely moisturising and genuinely good for your skin. The machine is slightly pricey but it costs about the same as 25 drugstore face masks, and you can make an infinite number with these. Collagen pill refills can be found online, in health food stores or pharmacies.

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I actually think this would be a great thing to have in a spa or beauty salon. People can easily customise their own face mask using fresh ingredients and then watch it getting made before their eyes :). It actually requires very little nutrient solution (20ml) so you can easily “save” some from a juice or coffee to turn into a face mask.

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