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The Right And Wrong Way to Do a Car Wash

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We meet with Chicago Auto Pros owner to discuss the right and wrong ways to do a car wash. In This Fine Print Series, we discuss the basics, tips and tricks to do a proper hand wash in a safe way to prevent damage to a car or truck’s paint. No matter the brand and model, Toyota Supra, Honda Accord, BMW, Mustang the video will aid in tackling a DIY wash for the average person.

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00:00 – 3:23 The Basics of Hand Washing Wash
3:23 – 8:55 The How and Why of Supplies
8:55 – 13:57 Hoses, Pressure Washers, Buckets and Understanding Paint
13:57 – 19:23 Washing Techniques
19:23 – 20:46 Drying Techniques
20:46 Removing Bugs, Tar and Crap

Story The Secret Behind $400,000,000 In Sales, Founders Club with Perry Belcher. ► Subscribe to my channel for more tools and tips for real estate More at

Digital marketing legend Perry Belcher leverages storytelling to make sales and increase customer engagement. So, what makes people buy when they’re under the influence of story? And how can we harness an understanding of storytelling to sell real estate?

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Perry Belcher is the Co-founder, along with Ryan Deiss, of, the largest Digital Marketing training company in the World. A serial entrepreneur known for his expertise in digital marketing and copywriting and growing an eCommerce business, driving web traffic, and increasing conversion. Today, Perry runs Olympus Peak Media, a digital marketing and membership company with 5.5M annual readers and a client roster of 500K.

On this episode of Founders Club, Perry joins Oliver to share the DigitalMarketer origin story and discuss how his background in retail contributes to his success in eCommerce. He offers his formula for building a business around a domain name, explaining why he sees web addresses as land and where to go to buy available domains. Perry also describes his ‘peel the onion’ approach to writing headlines and weighs in on the top tools for writing copy that converts.

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Perry is a legendary marketer who has worked with Dan Kennedy, William Shatner, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, John Carlton, Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferris, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Daymond John, Kevin Harrington, Kevin O’leary and Tony Horton to name a few.

Do you want to learn how to sell anything? Tell good stories.

 You can explore Perry’s video content

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Key Takeaways

[1:23] Perry’s background in business and story telling

[6:50] Perry’s insight around domain names

[13:26] Resources for buying domain names

[19:16] Perry’s formula for picking winning domain names

[22:31] The DigitalMarketer origin story

[28:07] The relationship between storytelling and sales

[35:57] Perry’s explanation of the “arc” in story telling

[43:19] How to adapt the story arc to real estate

[51:12] Why telling a good story is key to persuasion

[1:03:40] Perry’s ‘peel the onion’ approach to writing headlines

[1:09:30] Perry’s favorite online tools and software

[1:12:20] What Perry is investing in right now

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