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HOLO CAPPUCCINO | DIY Diamond Cappuccino test maybe don’t drink this

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Could I get a grande double-sweet no foam holo cappuccino plz?
*NEW* HOLOgraphic hoodies (I’m wearing a youth XL in the colour Carolina Blue!)

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That time I ate holo glitter in a professional baker’s

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♥ Silver holo “Disco dust”:
♥ Gold holo “Disco dust”:
♥ Silver holo nail
♥ Gold sanding

♥ Milk

ON MY LEFT (looks just like the glitter in the Diamond Cappuccino, eh?)
ON MY OTHER topped with (use my code SIMPLY to save $!)

(for some reason the text I showed only appears when browsing on mobile phone)

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♡TIPS & ♡

♥ 10 French tip designs that aren’t boring
♥ Best peel-off base coat?:
♥ Best black polish?:

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Hello guys
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Game Android My Cafe.
Bagaimana seru nya bermain game ini, dengan seperti menjadi pemilik kafe sesungguhnya. Kita dapat bebas mengatur semua isi kafe.
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Dalam permainan kasual My Recipes & Stories, Anda bisa mengelola kafe yang lucu bersama teman Anda, Ana. Sementara Ana menunggu semua pelanggan, terserah Anda untuk mengurus semua dekorasi dan administrasi!

Meskipun kafe Anda hampir kosong di awal permainan, Anda akan segera bisa mendapatkan semua jenis furnitur dan peralatan memasak yang memungkinkan untuk melayani lebih banyak pelanggan. Di kafe ini, Anda akan menyajikan teh, kopi, kue kering, dan banyak lagi!

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