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Ryan Leslie Talks Secret Formula to Success Leveling Up as a Producer Building Wealth + More

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Ryan Leslie interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Ryan Leslie in New York City for a dope music producer interview. In this video Ryan talks about how important relationship building skills and communication are for a music producer or any successful entrepreneur. He talked about how his smart financial decisions allowed him to start building wealth and really level up as a music producer and overall businessman. You know we had to ask him about those famous “Ryan Leslie making a beat in studio” videos and how he knew to go all in on YouTube. Another big gem we picked up was how producers in 2019 can use technology to their advantage and work smarter instead of harder.

0:00 Ryan Leslie Interview Intro

0:45 How The Legendary Cook Up Videos came about

3:47 Cracking the Google algorithm (SEO)

11:30 Creation is the closest we can get to God

15:15 Its different when you know how to play the real instruments

20:02 We’re in the age of the story teller

22:15 There’s a lane for all music but its about your intentionality

26:14 “I have no beats on deck!!!” Ryan Leslie come up through interning

32:17 When I bet I want to bet on myself! Keep your promises you make to yourself

34:37 “Irrational decisions are made when there are emotional connections!”

40:09 The number one way to getting placements

48:48 Practical advice for stepping up your relationship building

56:05 Communication starts with a value exchange

1:00:09 Helping is one of the greatest pleasure of life

1:03:13 How do you keep yourself in check on the daily

1:09:57 48 Laws of Power conversation

1:14:00 Real value is created through a need or desire, Creation of the SuperPhone etc., Books that shaped Ryan Leslie

1:18:11 Humans are predictably irrational

1:22:17 Staying Focused in a Distracting environment

1:25:06 Expressing a vision for a beat as a producer

1:27:30 What is the most important skill for a producer?

1:32:40 You got to keep it real with yourself and who you are

1:37:52 You dont need a huge audience to make a living

1:42:39 Conversation on subscription business models

1:45:50 Ryan Leslie Wealth Plan

1:50:12 Conversation on Investing

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