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Mycafe cofffee shop unlimited red rubi game guardian hack

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How to get unlimited red

before you
– have a rooted phone
– have the application gameguardian
– have the guy nammed charles ingame that is going to buy your stuff

steps to
1) look something pricy that you can buy for red rubys
2) open game guardian and look for that value (Dword)
3) incerment with 1 all values you see
4) close the menu and reopen it
5) look again for same value and you will have 1 or 2 values
6) go to the address and you will see your value, 0D and then 3 numbers
7) change 3 numbers buy selecting them, chane them to 0 (dword)
8) buy that item and put it in your warehouse
9) revert the 3 selected items (so you get original values back)
10) now edit the first number from the 3 selected numbers to 0
11) ask charles if he wants to buy your stuff
12) refuse everything till he wants to buy the stuff you just bought for millions of diamonds
13) enjoy!

do these teps over and over if you want some more red rubys

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