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Jurgen Appelo How to Fix Your Failed Agile Transformation at Stretch Conference 2020

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The problem with many agile transformations is that existing methods and frameworks treat everyone the same. They make no distinction between startups and scaleups, between disruptive innovative ideas versus existing successful products. But starting new teams and scaling up innovation is more important than ever. The key to a successful agile transformation is applying different practices in different stages of the business lifecycle. What works for a new product does not work for a mature one, and vice versa.

In this talk, we will nosedive into the major good practices for business leaders and product teams, from the moment they have an innovative idea to the day they will scale it up (or screw it up). Your agile transformation depends on product lifecycles, the innovation vortex, and the innovation funnel.

Stretch is a non-profit conference that brings 500 attendees and 16 speakers from all around the world who want to build effective organizations since 2020. An international platform and community for leaders and managers to share stories, hands-on solutions and explore new trends and ideas to lead, fail, learn and stretch. Learn more at
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Hi my name is Diana Wilson and welcome to my YouTube channel. All my videos are geared toward helping online course creators learn how to build a course. The video editing tutorials and software tutorials are based around the tools and skills that course creators may need when creating an online course.

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I am an online course consultant that enjoys sharing my knowledge of online course development. This includes everything from online course design up through the course launch. Helping others learn how to build a course and share their knowledge with others is very rewarding. If you need a bit more help with your online course or software, you can get on a Free Consulting Call with me. I work with course creators all across the 48 continental United States in 1 on 1 calls using Zoom video technology. You can also drop me an email and I will be glad to get back to you.

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