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How I curl my hair a technique for short medium & long hair

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It obviously varies on the hold depending on the length, texture, & fullness of everyone’s hair as we are all different, but this is what works for me! I usually let it fall out more to get a more loose look but we didn’t have time for that because we had to run out the door. It’s also always so pretty the next day, I’m obsessed!

Also, just a little disclaimer – I am obviously NOT a professional so I truly apologize if my explanations of everything are rough. I also am aware many choose to do certain things differently – like hairspray after you brush it out, but my hair is so heavy I have to do a little before it gets too cool or my curls fall out faster. Again, this is what I do & what works for me πŸ™‚ But I do hope you guys find this video somewhat helpful!!



curling iron (newer version) I thought I used a 1 3/4″ but it might be a 1 1/2″ I honestly can’t remember

oribe texture spray (pricey but the large can has lasted me over a year!)

Amika texture spray

I also LOVE all of Kristen Ess products (all found at target)


layered necklace

chain necklace

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4th quarter nursing student – getting my RN BSN & I graduate Sept 2021
age ⋆ 24
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Morning Coffee / Espresso Routine with the Decent DE1 XL and Monolith Titan Flat grinder. This is a shortened workflow of my espresso making routine. Equipment listed below.

I’m using Monmouth Espresso beans (medium/dark roast), and the E61 espresso machine profile.
(And yes… those beans were a little too fresh, hence the gassy espresso).

– Decent DE1 XL v1.4 Espresso Machine.
– Kafatek Monolith Titan Flat Grinder with SSP Speed Burrs.
– Acaia Lunar Scales.
– DUOMO The Eight Distribution Tool.
– Saint Anthony Industries, The New Levy Tamp.
– Saint Anthony Industries, BT Wedge Coffee Distribution Tool.
– Kanso Bean Storage Set.
– Decent Espresso Cup.
– Monmouth Espresso.
– DE1 E61 Espresso Machine.

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