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Hacking Dystopia with a Pi 400 Cyberdeck

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Jack in with my customized Pi 400, equipped with HUD, SDR, and Cyberpunk 2077 swag.
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Data Blaster Design
Download the STL’s and read the
(I really do not recommend building this thing yet…)

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Join the Cyberdeck
I was invited to the Cyberdeck Virtucon a few weeks ago! Watch me struggle to run Doom Eternal on the Vufine.

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Attack my
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Bill of
Vufine wearable
Micro-USB Ribbon
USB-C Ribbon
Slim Micro HDMI
HDMI Ribbon Cable
NESDR Nano 3:
Micro-HDMI to HDMI
Raspberry Pi 400:
JB KwikWeld
Anker PowerCore Speed 20000
Illuminated Momentary
Wisecoco Stretched Bar
330 Ohm resistor
Rather a lot of 18ga wire
Lots of filament
More filament, but fluorescent or clear

Soundtrack (All Creative Commons)
“All the Beauty (Suhov Remix)” – Nunki Bay Starship
“Data Drift” – Menthe
“Magnum” – Marco Dassi
“In My Digital World” – PEX

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