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#163 WiFi Sniffer as Sensor for Humans

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We will build a sensor which
– Monitors its environment and detect all smartphones with enabled Wi-Fi functionality. This is possible because all Smartphones regularly send messages to detect networks around them
– Uses the signal strength to detect how far away this smartphone is
– Adds all newly detected smartphones to an internal database
– Regularly connects to an MQTT server and sends the list of the detected devices to our home-automation or alarm system

Theoretically it should be able to detect our presenceas well as the appearance of undesirable intruders. Let’s start to find out if this is possible. And we will learn a few interesting things about privacy in the age of Smartphones.

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– iPhone

– Y-Splitter

– TRS to TRS

**Audio Setup #3 – Rode Wireless Go to Computer 5:47
Option #1 – Nothing additional needed

Option #2 – Using an Audio Interface w/Rode Wireless Go’s
– Rode Wireless

– Audio Interface Used, Behringer 404
Other similar, smaller

– Rode VXLR+

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